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The District of Granville Island has seen the transformation of its old industrial area into a rich shopping and cultural zone. Found right in the heart of Vancouver, the calm, creative island is an escape from the bustling city that surrounds it. Granville suspension lamp borrows the dramatic spirit of the island and the skyline of Vancouver to create a grandiose light fixture, perfect for expansive spaces. The lamp features a diversity of tubes in gold and nickel plated brass, brought together by a black lacquered brass ribbon Cherries is a distinct, bold floor lamp. Inspired by the cherry, a fruit so pure but also … Continued

Berries Suspension trending in 2015

We’re proud to have our Berries Suspension Lamp featured in the first issue of Deco Home in 2015! Deco Home is one of the most prestigious decoration magazines in Germany and it lists refreshing tones of blue and green as trends for the new year. Our Berries Suspension Lamp is described by its “total self-determination in the color design” which “allows glass spheres” who resemble springtime berries.  

Seen in… Honorable Editorials 2014

2014 was the year that CreativeMary established itself in the international press. Early on in 2014, Architectural Digest Italia gave Core suspension an amazing highlight in its trends spread. As 2014 was the year of “thousands of lights” as the magazine put it, Core, with its many delicate crystal spheres, was one of the main features. 2014 was also the year of the first cover feature. When Luxus Wohnen listed its best of 2014 selection, Petal suspension was a proud headliner. We’d also like to draw attention to our first entire page, featuring Ane floor, and the classic Bridge for Design summer issue.  

Cosmopolitan floor lamps

Helsinki proved its creative credentials after having become the world’s one and only Design District in 2012. The transformation of the city entailed converting the old and celebrating the new, in such a way that contemporary architecture now proudly obscures old streets and old statues. The Helsinki floor lamp celebrates futuristic projects seen in the World’s Design District, borrowing the bold curved lines from some of the standout projects. This Scandinavia-inspired lamp carries all the minimalism associated with the region, with the 2 black and white lacquered lampshades and a lacquered brass structure that gives it a distinct look. The District of … Continued

Bright 2015 with creativemary new designs

New is a relative term in Istanbul. Much of what you’ll see here dates from the 19th century and so is this stylized lamp. Honouring the skills in metalworking  of Turkish artisans,Tophane suspension lamp  mix copper  arms with directional brass shades lacquered in black and white that simultaneously remind us the typical Turkish hats and also the cannons once made on this old industrial district, currently home of the Tophane-i Amire Culture & Arts Center. Know the Chaplin sofa and the Mist stool of our partners Ottiu and Malabar, respectively. Bilbao’s commitment to artistic expression is intimately tied to the … Continued