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Passionate About Lamps

CreativeMary is an exclusive lighting brand which, combining glass and metal, gives life to nature elements through traditional craftsmanship techniques. Creativemary fuses all the authenticity of the natural with the cosmopolitan world, big cities, comfort and luxury lifestyle, creating modern lighting pieces which will make you fall in love.

Our passion and fascination about the elements of mother nature, made us dive into the deepest ocean, climb the tallest, most majestic mountains and fly high in our unending search for inspiration in what the earth gave us. Creativemary exclusive vision and inspiration came to life to elevate this singular lamp selection to extraordinary levels of sophistication, while transporting you to places where you never landed before.

Such as nature, each metropolis has a heartbeat, a light, a rhythm, an emotion and hefty doses of melodrama. Big cities are precious places and they will always leave a mark in your memory. Creativemary will always do her best to bring you unique sensations through exclusive lamps filled with memories and harmony that will perfectly fit at your modern living spaces.

In Creativemary, you will always find passion about art, crafts, modern and sophistication. Mixing nature and cosmopolitan, through three collections we will present you unique and avant-garde lighting pieces inspired on the vast and fascinating world, always with a keen eye for the perfect mood lighting for every moment.

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