4 Clichés About Interior Design You Should Avoid February 5, 2016 – Posted in: DESIGNERS & INSPIRATIONS, INTERIORS & DÉCOR – Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Thinking about remodelling your room? Remember that you have to be really careful in order to avoid some interior design clichés and not to make any of the common interior design mistakes!

In this huge universe of interior design, there are several options that quickly became predictable (even repetitive) and that over time lost the logic and became boring.

CreativeMary helps you to avoid that monotony, and presents you the most common clichés:

  • Overdoing a Theme: it can be exciting and make a connection with other rooms, but they can overboard the decoration. It’s better if you use it in a subtle way.


  • Unsurprising Colours: it’s very common to see predictable colours along the house. You always see walls in white/neutral tones of walls! Be adventurous and paint your rooms with surprising colours combinations and give them some life.
  • Stylish Patterns: you’ll like it until it becomes overused and old-fashioned. Choose a pattern that will easily fit your own taste and matches your beautiful house style.
  • Letters and Typical Quotes: so many people use them! Go for graphics, this way you will avoid this predictable trend and create lovely and attractive interiors!


So, after these tips about how to avoid interior design clichés, be inspired and make your unique style, creating a space that stands out!


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